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User :  Zolojinn
Date of publication :   2019-08-13
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flutter psi
If only you could eat through a screen...
Comment from : flutter psi

I used Alvin's 2 day cookie recipe, but used your bread flour/AP ratio (12 oz chocolate and no toffee) for more chew. I clarified the butter (scooped off the milk solids) before browning. The dough is so tasty! I'll bake 100 g cookies at 400 F for 14-15 minutes. It should give me a nice crispy outside, and soft, but cooked inside.
Comment from : Crysmatic

Raiderkratt XL
Excuse me my poor english i speak spanish
Comment from : Raiderkratt XL

Shana G
My dough came out like a cake doe instead of a cookie dough (dry) also I think they need more than 12-14 minutes because I had my oven on at 350F and checked after 14 minutes still needed to be cooked
Comment from : Shana G

Yanny Kh
Comment from : Yanny Kh

Thomas O'Neill
To all my other metricly challenged homies (Europeans), I messed mine up by using the same Weight for all ingredients. Turned out like deflated cakes. Fear not use these weights as a guide. Happy baking!!!
1 cup of butter = 225 grams
1 cup of flour = 128 grams
1 cup of sugar = 200 grams
You can work the rest out🍪

Comment from : Thomas O'Neill

Comment from : PM

Steven Yong
For those who doesn't want it too sweet, I cut the sugar to 120 g dark brown sugar, 70 g white sugar, and it's still sweet enough.
Comment from : Steven Yong

Kalyani Jadhao
I LOVED the recipe! I'll definitely try it! Quick question, how many cookies does this recepie make?
Comment from : Kalyani Jadhao

i think penny's cookies from the 4 levels series might be better


Comment from : SenorSteven

Aleena's DIY channel
but its called burnt butter..
Comment from : Aleena's DIY channel

Aleena's DIY channel
2:28 WhY u GoTtA bE eXRa?!

Also, I absolutly love tasty and already tried this...COOL DOWN BURNT BUTTER!!

Comment from : Aleena's DIY channel

Aleena's DIY channel
tastes like store-bought but better.
Comment from : Aleena's DIY channel

Straw Hat Luffy
Holy smokes. That one good-looking cookie.
Comment from : Straw Hat Luffy

Two things i need to substitute.. need grams
Espresso powder for instant coffee
And pink salt for kosher
Should I replace them equally in terms of weight

Comment from : trickshotmonkey

fitrisy kiwiitis
arghhhh.. its not the cookies that makes me wanted to make it, its the chef who's talking made me really want to take a bite of that cookie right now.. hahahaha.. she's so simple, so easy and in love with her job.. I like this kind of vibe 😉
Comment from : fitrisy kiwiitis

Joshua Yonathan
Tried this recipe, I would make a few changes. First, the browned butter is an acquired taste. My family and I did not like the overpowering flavour of the butter, so for my second batch I made it with melted butter and it was much better. Second, 2 tablespoons of salt is far too much. A teaspoon is more appropriate. Third, I would use a little bit more flour so it can hold its shape and not fall apart, and I would change the ratio to 1 and 1/4 cup of all-purpose and 3/4 cup of bread flour. The texture is a little better with this ratio.
Comment from : Joshua Yonathan

Wilhelm Heinzerling
Why will chilling the dough over night make it better?
Comment from : Wilhelm Heinzerling

Max Wicked
Tried 3 different variations and the one with a tea spoon and a half of cinnamon came out better than the espresso powder.

Not sure if it was the espresso powder I bought or what but it gave an overwhelming taste of bitterness

Comment from : Max Wicked

Ritika Chopra
Hey can your team please upload a video of eggless chocolate chip cookies or maybe tell me an alternate for egg

Comment from : Ritika Chopra

The Beckham
Isn’t dark brown sugar and white sugar just light brown sugar?
Comment from : The Beckham

i tried to make cookies so many times, fixing the recipe every time but it wouldn't look nice. it would taste amazing but it would look like melted cookie dough instead of baked cookie dough. could there be a problem with my oven? it is pretty old... or should i try to preheat my oven? the bottom gets blasted while the top is very much uncooked.
Comment from : JanWarl

Wira Prasetyo
Do we have to let the dough out on room temperature before baking them after being chilled on the fridge overnight? Thanks
Comment from : Wira Prasetyo

Baliey Davis
They're different
Comment from : Baliey Davis

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Comment from : NeferTashi-Locs&Life

Also that ooogooey kinda puts me off
Comment from : TJ

"Tasty" is part of the buzzfeed cancer shit isn't it???
Comment from : TJ

Harlo Witter
I can tell this channel is legit and not like those 5-min crafts vids whom I doubt even have any experienced cooks.

Although I'll be honest, some of 5-mins vids are actually pretty decent.

Comment from : Harlo Witter

Okay but can you just make one giant one like a pizza?
Comment from : Giraffeman

YouTube Opinions
This is all sorts of wrong. Just saying
Comment from : YouTube Opinions

Hilarious Rose
In my opinion i prefer those packet biscuits
Comment from : Hilarious Rose

The Gaming Bros
Comment from : The Gaming Bros

Supreme God 2005
FYI you should’ve said to wait to add water to the butter my gma just got 1-2nd degree burn because she added like two tbsp and it shot up and got her be careful dudes smh
Comment from : Supreme God 2005

The cookie is overcooked, wayyy too many chocolate chips.
Comment from : Bdunc

Joe Bloggs.
Lost me when you added coffee 🤢
Comment from : Joe Bloggs.

Math Don
How the hell do you measure a cup of butter? HOW MANY GRAMS DOES THAT WEIGH??!!!
Comment from : Math Don

Nita Jierapipatanakul
My mum actually made it with me and her being a Asian mum keep saying hers is better (idk if Asian are like that...) and she said yours are better! Literally !
Comment from : Nita Jierapipatanakul

D-Play ́s
I just wanted to make cookies...
Comment from : D-Play ́s

Wow, I have eaten 10 instead of one
Comment from : lokialien

Fergal Kilgannon
Any particular type of butter?
Comment from : Fergal Kilgannon

Jake Thompson
Alvins 2 day recipe is still better
Comment from : Jake Thompson

liv kealy
these have been my go to ever since i saw this video months ago. delicious. perfect. the best.
Comment from : liv kealy

Megan Addy
is this recipie vegetarian?
Comment from : Megan Addy

Walter Clements
Bro those cokies are so good
Comment from : Walter Clements

Greg Silverman
Made it last year, was EXTREMELY disappointed but for some reason I still like watching the video
Comment from : Greg Silverman

José andres Polonios lerroz
When you want to sound cool or relaxed on a video but end up sounding stupidly depressed and a bit ridiculous. Sorry just my opinion.
Comment from : José andres Polonios lerroz

Pavan 11
Hi, can you please tell me how many cookies can be baked with the same quantity of ingredients you have taken for the video?
Comment from : Pavan 11

Solrex the Sun King
Saw the title, and double checked to make sure this wasn’t How To Basic.
Comment from : Solrex the Sun King

AMP Productions
for some reason i made this and put only 1 teaspoon of salt in stead of 2 in but it was still so strong, everything else was perfect
Comment from : AMP Productions

Megan Lamb
anyone else just tasting salt??
Comment from : Megan Lamb

Trisha Gail alcantara dava
My cookies came out good but it a bit Salty
Comment from : Trisha Gail alcantara dava

Nas Nas
These are so freaking good. There's nothing better than brown butter
Comment from : Nas Nas

Ryan Hall
Terrible. Cookies were burnt and hard even though they were cooked for 12 minutes
Comment from : Ryan Hall

So the video says egg + egg yolk, does that mean separate the egg yolk and the egg white, so that you are adding the yolk of 2 eggs and the white of 1 egg?
Comment from : Superego

Diamond Dee
Speaks way too fast halfway though so gave up and tuned off. Too speedy!
Comment from : Diamond Dee

Tried this And it was not the perfect cookie recipe I wanted
Comment from : shihina97

Dana Sanchez
can I do these without salt??
Comment from : Dana Sanchez

Dana Sanchez
I tríes this and they came out extremely salty 🥺😖 any tips for this??? I barely added any salt
Comment from : Dana Sanchez

Jonnie Rockets
For the espresso powder, is it just plain finely grounded espresso beans or is there a specific kind for baking? Thank you.
Comment from : Jonnie Rockets

When i mix the butter with the sugar it doesnt cream, it stays all liquidy.... any solutions?
Comment from : Zemix

Grace Hassan
ONE video. I watched ONE of the Tasty recipe videos, and now my recommended is all Tasty. I’m on a freakin diet, why you do me like that?
Comment from : Grace Hassan

Eliza Lomuntad
Is Alix the one who's talking? Ghaaad I really love her!
Comment from : Eliza Lomuntad

U just made your butter and then u see this video! Dang!
Comment from : PinayTunay

EL Valenin
I made those but they don't look good. The outside is flat and the inside not.. They taste good though. What did I do wrong? I reduced sugar a bit so. Maybe that's why????
Comment from : EL Valenin

These do smell fab as you make them! The mix of espresso and dark brown sugar makes these quite strong, flavour wise. Not a bad thing but I can't eat very many at once. Friends seem to like them though!
Comment from : ManiacalCat

Cupcake Cartoons
2:43 is where the recipe starts
Comment from : Cupcake Cartoons

Jason Kim
Why not just use light brown sugar if you're gonna use a mix of white and dark brown
Comment from : Jason Kim

Vanne Siwth
Salty ass cookies 🤬
Comment from : Vanne Siwth

Harumi Kudo
is she the same person from the spotify advertisement lol
Comment from : Harumi Kudo

the lamb sauce
i attempted to make these and my butter boiled over when i put the water, and the dough was too thin so now they’re cookie bars ig
edit: they’re ok

Comment from : the lamb sauce

Yuan Onio
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies : Why do you guys act like your better than me!

Chocolate Chip Cookies : What?

Comment from : Yuan Onio

Glamorous Taee
Browned butter is KING 👑
Comment from : Glamorous Taee

Trams Tasmine
and what if I added eggs before beating the mixture....?
Comment from : Trams Tasmine

Shakala Ngajo Ahmed
Just made these last night and I loved them.I will say this, they were a little sticky, so I had to add at least four to five tables spoons of regular flour and bread flour. After I was finished I went ahead a froze them for a few hours.
Comment from : Shakala Ngajo Ahmed

While they turned out ok, after all the hype I was disappointed. I'd probably go back to original recipes.
Comment from : misspriss13pink

I tried to make a healthier version with dates instead of brown sugar and almond flour instead of bread flour and it worked great! I just browned the butter, let it cool, then blended it with the dates... but then I added chunks of caramel so they are not all that healthy anymore. They are higher in protein and fibre ... but still very high in sugar but the cramel leaks out the sides and caramelizes MORE?? The caramel combined with the melty chocolate chips is absolutely life changing and I wish I never tired it because it's going to be a real issue for me now.
Comment from : KaylaNoelle1

Travel Vizual
Mince spread out heaps and bleed into each other like a massive cookie pancake :(
Comment from : Travel Vizual

Stephanie Fdz
You fuckin liar I baked them with the same exact ingredients and they came out like shit!🍪➡️💩
Comment from : Stephanie Fdz

Dylan Summerlin
Worst recipe ever
Comment from : Dylan Summerlin

Abdullah Shahbaz
What a beautifull cookie
Comment from : Abdullah Shahbaz

Tasty : trying to eat a cookie
Arnold schwarzenegger : PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN NOW!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Comment from : ROYAL RUMBLE

What is bread flour, is this just normal flour? helllpppp
Comment from : Sabi

Cj Brass
Life hack: use fucking less of brown/dark sugar on recipes. Ugh.. I don't get why americans translate white sugar measurements into brown sugar at the exact same ratio! "like, ermargehrd, this is gonna be so healthy" pours one whole cup of dark brown sugar on shit "" ohmahgah too overpowering"
No wonder y'all got diabetes

Comment from : Cj Brass

kreszia roxas
Hi can i ask if its okay to use regular table salt instead of kosher salt?
Comment from : kreszia roxas

Am I the only one who kept getting that becel cookie ad?
Comment from : xxLovinqLele

Hi! Maybe you will be asking if this recipe really works.. And the answer is totally YES!
I let them 10 minutes at 180°C and they were awesome! They are literally the best cookies I ever eat!

Comment from : Lour

Kinetsie Varvenfloot
Fuck butter. Fuck it with a chainsaw.
Comment from : Kinetsie Varvenfloot

Eves Kitchen
I love it, looks delicious, and for some reason looks like Jupiter! :))
Comment from : Eves Kitchen

Chai Arts [Plushies]
I probably would’ve left out the chocolate and just enjoyed the cookie dough
Comment from : Chai Arts [Plushies]

Even with unsalted butter, these cookies are way too salty. I'd recommend using half the amount.
Comment from : SNIFFMYBADGER

Cooking with Tommy
Looks delicious
Comment from : Cooking with Tommy

I feel pain
Comment from : devanishh

Did You Know?
I followed the recipe and the dough turned into soup after 3 mins in the oven
Comment from : Did You Know?

So I tried doing this recipe twice already and whenever I come to blending all wet ingredients it doesn't get anywhere near this thick light coloured cream they show in the video, it literally looks like a dark runny liquid even though I let the brown butter cool to room temperature completely. I honestly have no idea how to get to that consistency, I tried adding in more white sugar the second time but still nothing.
Comment from : Vanchov

I will be trying this recipe for the first time tomorrow but i wont be able to add bread flour as its too expensive can the recipe work without it????
Comment from : Anne

jackson grg
Incorporated incorporated incorporated
Comment from : jackson grg

Does Jumin Han Is Gay?
Hey guys! I made this recipe and here is my review on it.

It is fucking awesome! I made like 40 of these and they disappeared like snaps fingers* in seconds amongst six people. It tastes very good and I definitely recommend that you make the effort to complete each and every step.

Tips -

1. So I used All purpose flour for the entire thing, not in parts because i didn't have bread flour but it turned out good all the same.

2. Definitely worth browning the butter and i think someone already commented on the warnings to know when browning butter somewhere in the comment section so im not going to explain here. although i should mention, when you leave the butter to cool in the fridge, watch out. If you leave it too long, it'll start to solidify, you need the butter as a liquid to get it nice and creamy later on.

3. Definitely use a mix of dark and semi sweet chocolate because there is a lot of sweetness in the cookie dough itself. You can reduce the amount of sugar if you wish for a less sweeter cookie.

4. I did not have dark brown sugar, only light brown and white so i used that and while I didn't get that iconic mocha brown colour dough, cookie still was damn good so don't worry too much about that.

5. Once you've taken the cookie out of the oven, let them cool before you switch to a rack as they are still soft and hot and WILL crumble if you disturb them immediately.

6. Also, if you don't have an ice-cream scoop, doesn't matter. You can roll the dough using your hands.

7. I made two batches of cookies. This one batch gave me 22 cookies. I left one dough batch to cool overnight and the other was baked immediately and i found no such difference in the taste so that's that.

That's about it from my experience! Loved this recipe Tasty! Happy Baking ♥️

Comment from : Does Jumin Han Is Gay?

liv xo
Love this video
Ps I just started a channel so if you subscribe that would be great!!

Comment from : liv xo

Neon Trexort
2:43 if you dont wanna waste time
Comment from : Neon Trexort

Rangleen Kaur
Wat can we use instead of eggs ?
Comment from : Rangleen Kaur

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